Decomposition & Comparison: Why sometimes AWS CLI create-invalidation cannot clear Amazon CloudFront cache

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Since moving my blog from GitHub Pages to Amazon S3 + Amazon CloudFront, the deployment time and webpage loading time have been greatly reduced.

Even for long articles like Ernest PKM (Personal Knowledge Management) Workflow, the webpage loading time can still achieve DOMContentLoaded < 650 ms and Load < 2.5 s. The deployment time has been significantly reduced from an average of 10-13 minutes on GitHub Pages build to less than 1 minute when there are no image changes.

However, this led to another issue of managing and deciding the CDN cache expiration period.

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Ernest PKM Personal Knowledge System Workflow (2023.25)

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✳️ Introduction

(Initial version on 2023-02-16)

Since childhood, probably elementary school, I’ve been fascinated by notebooks, enjoying recording numbers, temperatures, times, the number of pigeons on the neighboring building outside the window, and how long it takes for them to fly around and return to their pigeon house, etc.

As I grew older, I’ve always regarded notebooks as tools for recording, memorizing, and quick review. However, I felt that they didn’t match my workflow, whether at work or at home. In recent years, I’ve been better at integrating them into my workflow and documenting my current Personal Knowledge Management (PKM) process. This workflow is derived from the various shares of many people who are smarter and more focused on PKM, Smart Notes, and other areas than me.

This workflow may not be suitable for everyone, but I hope that by sharing these ideas, we can spark conversations and discussions that help us, and even our next generation, reduce the time spent exploring and improve learning or work efficiency, ultimately contributing to society or humanity.

AI, Machine Learning, ChatGPT, Google Bard, Amazon Titan, Auto-GPT, and other models and artificial intelligence tools can handle some tasks for us, but they also operate following a certain process. If we can master the idea of process design, I believe we can still make a difference in society and organizations. Let’s encourage each other.

(Updated to 2023.25 version on 2023-04-19)

Originally, I thought the Ernest PKM series of articles would be updated once a year, but in just a quarter of a year (0.25 year), various AI thoughts and products have descended like meteorites, prompting a forced industry upgrade.

Since the GPT version numbers have evolved from GPT-1, GPT-2, GPT-3, GPT-3.5, to GPT-4, Ernest PKM has also undergone a minor upgrade, integrating both human brain and AI (MLOps) workflows, resulting in the Ernest PKM 2023.25 version. I chose to publish it on 4/19 Generative AI Gathering ft. HappyDesigner Meetup to share and interact with old friends and new acquaintances whom I haven’t seen for a long time.

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Heptabase Quick Capture mobile app

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Today, while I am sorting out the draft of the newly released Ernest’s Personal Knowledge System Workflow (2023), I found some exciting news. Alan announced on the Discord channel that Heptabase is entering the mobile space for the first time, launching the Heptabase Quick Capture mobile app. It is released on both Google Play and Apple TestFlight.

You can quickly capture ideas directly on your phone and record them in the Heptabase Quick Capture mobile app, and then it will be sent to the Heptabase Card Library. For more details, please refer to the “2️⃣ Inbox” section of Ernest’s Personal Knowledge System Workflow (2023).

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