OpenAI Official ChatGPT App on iOS App Store (now available in 152 countries and regions)

(Illustration: Lac de Neuchatel, Switzerland. Image source: Ernest)


On 2023-05-18, OpenAI announced Introducing the ChatGPT app for iOS.


(Available for download on the Apple iOS App Store in the United States.)

(The Android version and availability in other countries will be coming soon.)

(As an AWS enthusiast, seeing the word “invent” gets me excited!)

(Welcome page)

(Switch between the GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 tabs. Currently (2023-05-19), I don’t see the Web Browsing and Plugins features.)

(Let’s have a joke with GPT-4)

(The settings feature in the app version doesn’t include the Web Browsing and Plugins toggle.)

Software Digging

As of (2023-05-19), the ChatGPT app appears to use the following software:

  • AudioStreamer (Apache-2.0)
  • Auth0 (MIT)
  • Datadog (Datadog + Apache-2.0)
  • Factory (MIT)
  • highlight.js (BSD-3)
  • Highlightr
  • Kingfisher (MIT)
  • Markdownosaur (Apache-2.0)
  • Mixpanel (Apache-2.0)
  • Sentry (MIT)
  • SimpleKeychain (MIT)
  • SnapKit
  • SVGView (MIT)
  • Swift Collections (Apache-2.0)
  • Swift Markdown (mixed)


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