My Study Notes on AWS Cloud Product List: Availability/SLA

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This page sorts out the SLA (Service Level Agreement) and availability of all the AWS products on the official website.

This page groups availability into 6 color levels for easier reading:

  • 99.0% (3.65 days downtime per year)
  • 99.9% (8.77 hours downtime per year)
  • 99.95% (4.38 hours downtime per year)
  • 99.99% (52.60 minutes downtime per year)
  • 99.999% (5.26 minutes downtime per year)
  • 100%

The URL link on the availability value will lead you to the SLA document of each services.

If there are more than two availabilities of the service, this page will choose the higher one, and list all the availabilities in remark.

AWS Cloud Products Series

AWS Cloud Products Study Notes Series will separate into couple tables. Each table has one perspective. In the end, I will summarize all in one.

  • Main Product List: This is the main entrance of this series, and you can start looking for various observation angles or new products from here.
  • URL Path List: Official website URL path analysis official website URL path to observe their classification and affiliation.
  • SLA List: SLA (Service Level Agreement) and availability.


  • 🚀: New launch, or GA (general availability, previously at preview) within 365 days.
  • 📎: Official product web page.
  • 🗒️: Ernest’s notes.

AWS Cloud Products List


New expanded API capabilities in Amazon QuickSight  
AWS Lake Formation n/a
AWS Glue for Ray (Preview)  
AWS Glue for Ray 🚀  
AWS Glue Data Quality (Preview)  
AWS Glue Data Quality 🚀  
AWS Glue 99.9% 
AWS Data Pipeline 99.9% 
AWS Data Exchange Unknown
AWS Clean Rooms (Preview)  
AWS Clean Rooms ML 🚀  
AWS Clean Rooms 🚀  
Automated data-prep for Amazon QuickSight Q  
Apache Spark support on Amazon Athena  
Amazon Redshift 99.9% 
Amazon Redshift Serverless (Preview)  
Amazon Redshift Serverless 🚀  
Amazon Redshift Integration for Apache Spark  
Amazon Q in QuickSight 🚀  
Amazon QuickSight Paginated Reports  
Amazon QuickSight 99.9% 
Amazon OpenSearch Service  
Amazon OpenSearch Serverless (Preview)  
Amazon OpenSearch Serverless 🚀  
Amazon OpenSearch Service (successor to Amazon Elasticsearch Service)  
Amazon Managed Streaming for Apache Kafka (Amazon MSK) Serverless (Preview)  
Amazon Managed Streaming for Apache Kafka (Amazon MSK) Serverless 🚀  
Amazon Managed Streaming for Apache Kafka (MSK)  
Amazon Kinesis 99.9% 
Amazon FinSpace  
Amazon EMR Serverless (Preview)  
Amazon EMR Serverless 🚀  
Amazon EMR 99.9% 
Amazon DataZone (Preview)  
Amazon DataZone 🚀  
Amazon CloudSearch 99.9% 
Amazon Athena 99.9% 


Amazon Sumerian Unknown

Application Integration

B2B Data Interchange 🚀  
AWS Step Functions 99.9% 
Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS) 99.9% 
Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS) 99.9% 
Amazon MQ 99.9% 
Amazon Managed Workflows for Apache Airflow (MWAA)  
Amazon EventBridge 99.99% 
Amazon AppFlow 99.9% 

Architecture Strategy

AWS Well-Architected Tool n/a


Amazon Quantum Ledger Database (QLDB) 99.9% 
Amazon Managed Blockchain 99.9% 

Business Application

AWS Supply Chain Supply Planning (coming soon) 🚀  
AWS Supply Chain N-Tier Visibility (coming soon) 🚀  
Amazon Q in AWS Supply Chain (coming soon) 🚀  
Amazon One Enterprise 🚀  

Business Applications

Step-by-step guides for Amazon Connect agent workspace (Preview)  
Call summarization in Contact Lens for Amazon Connect  
AWS Wickr  
AWS Supply Chain (Preview)  
AWS Supply Chain 🚀  
AWS AppFabric 🚀  
Amazon WorkMail 99.9% 
Amazon WorkDocs 99.9% 
Amazon Honeycode  
Amazon Dash Cart 🚀  
Amazon Connect forecasting, capacity planning, and scheduling  
Amazon Connect 99.99% 
Amazon Chime SDK  
Amazon Chime 99.9% 
Alexa for Business 99.9% 

Cloud Financial Management

Savings Plans n/a
Reserved Instance (RI) Reporting  
AWS Cost Explorer 99.9% 
AWS Cost and Usage Report n/a
AWS Budgets 99.9% 


VMware Cloud on AWS 99.99%99.99%: SDDC Infra Multi-AZ
99.9%: SDDC Infra Single-AZ
99.9%: SDDC Management
99.9%: VMware Site Recovery Mgmt
Local Zones now generally available in Buenos Aires, Copenhagen, Helsinki and Muscat  
AWS Local Zones  
EC2 Image Builder 🚀  
AWS Wavelength Unknown
AWS Snow Family n/a
AWS SimSpace Weaver  
AWS Serverless Application Repository Unknown
AWS Outposts 1U and 2U  
AWS Outposts Unknown
AWS Lambda SnapStart  
AWS Lambda 99.95% 
AWS Fargate 99.99% 
AWS Elastic Beanstalk Unknown
AWS Compute Optimizer n/a
AWS Batch Unknown
AWS Auto Scaling Unknown
AWS App Runner  
Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS) 99.99% 
Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) 99.95% 
Amazon Lightsail 99.99% 
Amazon EC2 X2iezn Instances (Coming Soon)  
Amazon EC2 X2idn/X2iedn Instances (Coming Soon)  
Amazon EC2 Trn1 Instances (Preview)  
Amazon EC2 Trn1 Instances 🚀  
Amazon EC2 Spot Instances  
Amazon EC2 R8g Instances (Preview) 🚀  
Amazon EC2 M6a Instances  
Amazon EC2 M1 Mac Instances (Preview)  
Amazon EC2 M1 Mac Instances 🚀  
Amazon EC2 Inf2 Instances (Preview)  
Amazon EC2 Inf2 Instances 🚀  
Amazon EC2 Im4gn/Is4gen Instances  
Amazon EC2 I4i Instances (Coming Soon)  
Amazon EC2 Hpc7g Instances (Coming Soon)  
Amazon EC2 Hpc6id instances  
Amazon EC2 G5g Instances  
Amazon EC2 C7gn Instances (Preview)  
Amazon EC2 C7gn Instances 🚀  
Amazon EC2 C7g Instances & Graviton3 (Preview)  
Amazon EC2 C7g Instances & Graviton3 🚀  
Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling Unknown
Amazon EC2 99.99% 


Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS Unknown
AWS Marketplace for Containers Anywhere  
AWS Fargate 99.99% 
AWS Copilot Unknown
AWS App2Container n/a
Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) 99.95% 
Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS) 99.99% 
Amazon Elastic Container Registry (ECR)  


Amazon RDS for MySQL zero-ETL integration with Amazon Redshift 🚀  
Amazon RDS for MySQL zero-ETL integration with Amazon Redshift (Preview) 🚀  
Amazon RDS for Db2 🚀  
Amazon Neptune Analytics 🚀  
Amazon ElastiCache Serverless 🚀  
Amazon DynamoDB zero-ETL integration with Amazon OpenSearch Service 🚀  
Amazon DynamoDB zero-ETL integration with Amazon Redshift (Preview) 🚀  
Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL zero-ETL integration with Amazon Redshift 🚀  
Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL zero-ETL integration with Amazon Redshift (Preview) 🚀  
Amazon Aurora Limitless Database 🚀  


Amazon RDS on VMware Unknown
Amazon Timestream 99.99% 
Amazon Redshift 99.9% 
Amazon RDS Custom for SQL Server  
Amazon RDS 99.95% 
Amazon Neptune 99.9% 
Amazon MemoryDB for Redis  
Amazon Keyspaces (for Apache Cassandra) 99.99% 
Amazon ElastiCache 99.9% 
Amazon DynamoDB 99.999%99.999% if the Global Tables SLA applies, or
99.99% if the Standard SLA applies.
Amazon DocumentDB 99.9% 
Amazon Aurora zero-ETL integration with Amazon Redshift (Preview)  
Amazon Aurora MySQL zero-ETL integration with Amazon Redshift 🚀  
Amazon Aurora 99.99% 

Developer Tools

AWS X-Ray 99.9% 
AWS Tools and SDKs n/a
AWS Fault Injection Simulator n/a
AWS Fault Injection Service 🚀  
AWS Command Line Interface (CLI)  
AWS CodeStar Unknown
AWS CodePipeline 99.9% 
AWS CodeDeploy 99.9% 
AWS CodeCommit 99.9% 
AWS CodeBuild 99.9% 
AWS CodeArtifact 99.9% 
AWS CloudShell n/a
AWS Cloud9 Unknown
AWS Cloud Development Kit (CDK) n/a
AWS Cloud Control API  
Amazon Corretto n/a
Amazon CodeCatalyst (Preview)  
Amazon CodeCatalyst 🚀  

End-User Computing (EUC)

Amazon WorkSpaces 99.9% 
Amazon WorkLink 99.9% 
Amazon AppStream 2.0 99.9% 

End User Computing

Amazon WorkLink 99.9% 
Amazon WorkSpaces 99.9% 
Amazon WorkSpaces Thin Client 🚀  
Amazon WorkSpaces Family  
Amazon AppStream 2.0 99.9% 

Front-End Web & Mobile

AWS Device Farm 99.9% 
Amazon AppSync 99.95% 
AWS Amplify Studio (Preview)  
AWS Amplify 99.95% 
Amazon Simple Email Service (SES) 99.9% 
Amazon Pinpoint 99.9% 
Amazon Location Service  
Amazon API Gateway 99.95% 

Game Tech

Open 3D Engine (O3DE)  
Amazon Lumberyard Unknown
Amazon GameLift 99.9% 

Generative AI

Amazon Q Code Transformation (Preview) 🚀  
Amazon Q 🚀  

Internet of Things

AWS Partner Device Catalog n/a
AWS IoT Things Graph 99.9% 
AWS IoT TwinMaker  
AWS IoT SiteWise 99.9% 
AWS IoT RoboRunner  
AWS IoT Greengrass  
AWS IoT FleetWise  
AWS IoT ExpressLink (Preview)  
AWS IoT ExpressLink 🚀  
AWS IoT Events 99.9% 
AWS IoT EduKit  
AWS IoT Device Management 99.9% 
AWS IoT Device Defender 99.9% 
AWS IoT Core 99.9% 
AWS IoT Button n/a
AWS IoT Analytics 99.9% 
AWS IoT 1-Click 99.9% 
FreeRTOS n/a

Machine Learning

TensorFlow on AWS n/a
PyTorch on AWS n/a
ML Governance with Amazon SageMaker (Preview)  
AWS Panorama  
Amazon Inferentia n/a
AWS HealthScribe 🚀  
AWS DeepRacer n/a
AWS DeepLens n/a
AWS DeepComposer n/a
AWS Deep Learning Containers n/a
AWS Deep Learning AMIs n/a
Apache MXNet on AWS n/a
Amazon Translate 99.9% 
Amazon Transcribe 99.9% 
Amazon Textract 99.9% 
Amazon SageMaker Training Compiler  
Amazon SageMaker Studio Lab  
Amazon SageMaker Studio 🚀  
Amazon SageMaker now supports geospatial ML (Preview)  
Amazon SageMaker HyperPod 🚀  
Amazon SageMaker Ground Truth Plus  
Amazon SageMaker Ground Truth n/a
Amazon SageMaker Canvas  
Amazon SageMaker 99.95%99.95%: Online Inference
99.9%: Batch Transform
Amazon Rekognition 99.9% 
Amazon Polly 99.9% 
Amazon Personalize 99.9% 
Amazon Omics  
Amazon Monitron Unknown
Amazon Lookout for Vision Unknown
Amazon Lookout for Metrics Unknown
Amazon Lookout for Equipment  
Amazon Lex Automated Chatbot Designer (Preview)  
Amazon Lex Automated Chatbot Designer 🚀  
Amazon Lex 99.9% 
Amazon Kendra 99.9% 
Amazon HealthLake  
Amazon Fraud Detector 99.9% 
Amazon Forecast 99.95% 
Amazon Elastic Inference 99.99% 
Amazon DevOps Guru for RDS  
Amazon DevOps Guru Unknown
Amazon Comprehend 99.9% 
Amazon CodeWhisperer  
Amazon CodeGuru Unknown
Amazon Bedrock  
Amazon Augmented AI Unknown

Management & Governance

AWS Trusted Advisor n/a
AWS Systems Manager 99.9% 
AWS Service Management Connector  
AWS Service Catalog 99.9% 
AWS Resilience Hub  
AWS Proton  
AWS Personal Health Dashboard n/a
AWS Organizations n/a
AWS OpsWorks 99.9% 
AWS Management Console n/a
AWS Managed Services n/a
AWS License Manager n/a
AWS Launch Wizard  
AWS Distro for OpenTelemetry  
AWS Control Tower Data Residency Guardrails  
AWS Control Tower Unknown
AWS Management Console Mobile Application  
AWS Config 99.9% 
AWS CloudTrail 99.9% 
AWS CloudFormation Unknown
AWS Chatbot Unknown
Amazon Managed Service for Prometheus Unknown
Amazon Managed Grafana  
Amazon CloudWatch Internet Monitor (Preview)  
Amazon CloudWatch Internet Monitor  
Amazon CloudWatch 99.9% 

Media Services

AWS Elemental MediaTailor 99.9% 
AWS Elemental MediaStore 99.9% 
AWS Elemental MediaPackage 99.9% 
AWS Elemental MediaLive 99.9% 
AWS Elemental MediaConvert 99.9% 
AWS Elemental MediaConnect 99.9% 
AWS Elemental Appliances & Software n/a
AWS Deadline Cloud 🚀  
AWS Nimble Studio  
Amazon Kinesis Video Streams 99.9% 
Amazon Interactive Video Service 99.9% 
Amazon Elastic Transcoder 99.9% 


CloudEndure Migration Unknown
Migration Evaluator (formerly TSO Logic) n/a
AWS Application Migration Service (MGN)  
AWS Transfer Family Unknown
AWS Snow Family n/a
AWS Server Migration Service (SMS)  
AWS Migration Hub n/a
AWS Mainframe Modernization  
AWS DataSync Unknown
AWS Database Migration Service (DMS)  
AWS Application Discovery Service Unknown

Networking & Content Delivery

Elastic Load Balancing (ELB)  
AWS VPN 99.95%99.9%: AWS Client VPN
99.95%: AWS Site-to-Site VPN
AWS Verified Access (Preview)  
AWS Verified Access 🚀  
AWS Transit Gateway 99.95% 
AWS PrivateLink 99.9% 
AWS Private 5G  
AWS Global Accelerator 99.99% 
AWS Direct Connect 99.99%Two Uptime Targets: 99.99%, 99.9%
AWS Cloud WAN (Preview)  
AWS Cloud WAN  
AWS Cloud Map 99.9% 
AWS App Mesh Unknown
Amazon VPC Lattice (Preview)  
Amazon VPC Lattice 🚀  
Amazon VPC 99.9%99.9%: VPC NAT Gateway
Amazon Route 53 100%💯
Amazon CloudFront 99.9% 

None Category Yet

AWS Supply Chain Sustainability (coming soon) 🚀  

Quantum Technologies

Amazon Braket 99.9% 


AWS RoboMaker 99.9% 


AWS Ground Station 99.9% 

Security, Identity, & Compliance

GuardDuty ECS Runtime Monitoring 🚀  
AWS WAF 99.95% 
AWS Single Sign-On (SSO)  
AWS Shield Unknown
AWS Security Hub 99.9% 
AWS Secrets Manager 99.9% 
AWS Resource Access Manager Unknown
AWS Network Firewall 99.99% 
AWS Key Management Service (KMS)  
AWS Identity and Access Management  
AWS IAM Identity Center  
AWS Firewall Manager 99.9% 
AWS Directory Service 99.9% 
AWS CloudHSM 99.95% 
AWS Certificate Manager 99.9%99.9%: Private Certificate Authority
AWS Audit Manager Unknown
AWS Artifact Unknown
Amazon Verified Permissions (Preview)  
Amazon Verified Permissions 🚀  
Amazon Security Lake (Preview)  
Amazon Security Lake 🚀  
Amazon Macie 99.9% 
Amazon Inspector 99.9% 
Amazon GuardDuty 99.9% 
Amazon Detective 99.9% 
Amazon Cognito 99.9% 


AWS Application Composer (Preview)  
AWS Application Composer 🚀  


CloudEndure Disaster Recovery Unknown
AWS Elastic Disaster Recovery (DRS)  
AWS Storage Gateway Unknown
AWS Snow Family n/a
AWS Backup support for VMware workloads  
AWS Backup support for Amazon S3 (Preview)  
AWS Backup support for Amazon S3 🚀  
AWS Backup 99.9% 
Amazon S3 Glacier Instant Retrieval  
Amazon S3 Express One Zone 🚀  
Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) 99.9%99.0%: S3 Intelligent-Tiering, S3 Standard-Infrequent Access, and S3 One Zone-Infrequent Access
99.9%: others
Amazon S3 Glacier 99.9% 
Amazon FSx for Windows File Server 99.9% 
Amazon FSx for OpenZFS  
Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP scale-out file systems 🚀  
Amazon FSx for Lustre 99.9% 
Amazon FSx  
Amazon Elastic File System (EFS) 99.99% 
Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS) 99.99% 
Amazon EFS Archive 🚀  
Amazon EBS Snapshots Archive  

Latest updated: May 13, 2024

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