My Study Notes on Amazon SageMaker

(Image source: Photo by Bud Helisson on Unsplash.)



  • Learn how to build and deploy tool-using LLM agents using AWS SageMaker JumpStart Foundation Models, 2023-09-15, by John Hwang
    • Large language model (LLM) agents are programs that extend the capabilities of standalone LLMs with 1) access to external tools (APIs, functions, webhooks, plugins, and so on), and 2) the ability to plan and execute tasks in a self-directed fashion. Often, LLMs need to interact with other software, databases, or APIs to accomplish complex tasks. For example, an administrative chatbot that schedules meetings would require access to employees’ calendars and email. With access to tools, LLM agents can become more powerful—at the cost of additional complexity. In this post, we introduce LLM agents and demonstrate how to build and deploy an e-commerce LLM agent using Amazon SageMaker JumpStart and AWS Lambda.
  • Fine-tune Falcon 7B and other LLMs on Amazon SageMaker with @remote decorator, 2023-09-14, by Bruno Pistone and Vikesh Pandey

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