AWS Learning Path and Strategy (2022)

cat-learning-path (Illustration: A cat is required for happy learning, right? Let’s cats lead the way XDD Image source: Photo by hp koch on Unsplash。)

Volunteers of AWSUG Taiwan have always enthusiastically discussed how to lead newbies to get started with AWS more smoothly. Recently I organized all the AWS learning resources that you often discuss and some (unpopular?!) learning ideas that I found into an single article to share with you.

【(zh)2022 Video Edition】

Sharing by Wyne and I at 2022-07 AWSUG Taiwan Taipei Meetup (in Chinese)

It’s hard to get started. As AWS cloud services grow from S3 and EC2 to one or two hundred cloud services, how should a new AWS novice go from outside the door, to introductory exploration, to grasp the context, and continue to improve? ?

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Running Laravel/PHP Container Application on AWS (AWS Builders Day Taiwan 2022)

La Gilda

(Illustration: Originated from San Sebastián in northern Spain - La Gilda. Walking into a tavern in northern Spain, almost every door will have a pot, and each pot has its own advantages and disadvantages. Similar to container applications, it is compatible with the main axis and retains local characteristics… Oh no, I’m actually talking about the ups and downs behind each application, you know. Image source: Photo by Ernest Chiang at a pinchos bar in Basque country.)

Thank you very much for the invitation of AWS Builders Day Taiwan 2022, which gave me the opportunity to use the perspective of Builders, with an easy-to-understand way, to quickly disassemble the common terms of containers and Amazon ECS. Taking the common Laravel framework of PHP as an example, it is also very simple to package Laravel applications to go to the cloud, so that PHP lovers can enjoy the local, the edge and the cloud together. After the concept is understood, replacing Laravel/PHP on the agenda with other languages ​​or frameworks can draw inferences from one another, and even connect with each other to form your own microservice network.

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