Heptabase Vistualized Notes

Stuttgart Library (Illustration: The Library of Stuttgart, Germany. Image source: Photo by Max Langelott on Unsplash。)

Heptabase’s original project name was “Project Meta”, and it was renamed “Heptabase” on 2021-11-17.


Heptabase Map (Illustration: Here is a screenshot of my Heptabase on 2021-12-07. The screen is “Map”. At that time, I first sorted out the IoT product field, AWSUG Taiwan community information, and the company’s ongoing project structure, and practiced using Heptabase to sort out information, record information, and present information.)

I plan to use this article to document my time course of using Heptabase, as well as to review how I have gradually integrated Heptabase into my personal knowledge system (PKM) workflow. Roughly divided into several paragraphs:

  1. The main workflow of the personal knowledge system PKM
  2. Heptabase function
  3. History of my using Heptabase
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