Product and Technology Integration, starting from decomposing the AWS product line

Post Title Image (Caption: It is a great honor to share this time on Seesion Track B of AWS Community Day Taiwan 2022. Image source: Photo by Ernest Chiang)

With the enthusiasm of Wyne Tan, Rickie Lu and many AWSUG volunteers, we have the first AWS Community Day (History Website: held in Taiwan, and opened three agenda tracks, including two shared agenda tracks and one AWS JAM practical agenda track.


I am very happy to have a lot of conversations and discussions with Clay Lu, the leader of the agenda. At that time, our general directions for the three-track agenda Track A, B, and C were “technical people”, “product people/business people”, “hands-on As a person”, I like to promote communication and exchanges across fields, so I volunteered to take over the planning and hosting of the Track B agenda track. Under the lead of many volunteer friends, we connected with the other two agenda sharers of Track B. Under the time limit, we used three short agendas to plan this session for “product people/business people” around the theme of AWS Track B agenda track:

  • 1️⃣ 【From the perspective of a product manager, from the end to the cloud - Running SaaS on AWS】by Ray Lin, CEO @iFUS System Consultants Ltd.
  • 2️⃣ 【The evolution history of the business model and information architecture of Xinchuang on the cloud - weather forecast on AWS】 by Eric Juan, 台灣天氣股份有限公司
  • 3️⃣ 【Product and Technology Integration, starting from decomposing the AWS product line - Product Planning on AWS】 by Ernest Chiang, AWS Community Hero

These three sessions discussed “Cloud SaaS business practice on site”, “Entrepreneurial history + cloud architecture adjustment with market demand evolution”, “Decomposing AWS product line + looking at the intersection of product people and technical people”.

Fortunately, with the cooperation of the lecturers, Allen Hsieh, Natasha Pan and other volunteers, we challenged some community speech attempts, and thanked the community audience for enduring a period of sunshine in the west and after sunset The high-contrast strong light on the screen, accompany us to chill on the top floor :) We will make some adjustments in the future :)

Attached below is the presentation slideshow that was promised to the audience that day, so that everyone can revisit and chew on the ideas shared that day.


  • Dependence
  • Quick preview - Tupao Product Development Framework
  • Scene introduction
  • Market demand
  • product development
  • Engineering background
  • The interactive meeting of market-product-engineering (misunderstanding with beauty?!)
  • Tupao Product Development Framework

Download the Slides

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