Running Laravel/PHP Container Application on AWS (AWS Builders Day Taiwan 2022)

La Gilda

(Illustration: Originated from San Sebastián in northern Spain - La Gilda. Walking into a tavern in northern Spain, almost every door will have a pot, and each pot has its own advantages and disadvantages. Similar to container applications, it is compatible with the main axis and retains local characteristics… Oh no, I’m actually talking about the ups and downs behind each application, you know. Image source: Photo by Ernest Chiang at a pinchos bar in Basque country.)

Thank you very much for the invitation of AWS Builders Day Taiwan 2022, which gave me the opportunity to use the perspective of Builders, with an easy-to-understand way, to quickly disassemble the common terms of containers and Amazon ECS. Taking the common Laravel framework of PHP as an example, it is also very simple to package Laravel applications to go to the cloud, so that PHP lovers can enjoy the local, the edge and the cloud together. After the concept is understood, replacing Laravel/PHP on the agenda with other languages ​​or frameworks can draw inferences from one another, and even connect with each other to form your own microservice network.


On the one hand, this talk is to share the actual experience of the team around me, and on the other hand, it is to assist friends who use Laravel/PHP successively. After importing this workflow, they have gone into the cloud one after another. During the process, we observed the challenges that small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) or small and medium-sized teams can play multiple roles, and the occasional gap between Dev and Ops that is difficult to bridge. In the process, if you can pass the key summaries of predecessors and remind you to be careful and avoid them, you can get twice the result with half the effort, get into the cloud smoothly, and also achieve high availability and other vertical effects by the way.

In the process, we have also maintained dwchiang/nginx-php-fpm, a Docker images open source project. It may not be the best solution to let the bottom infra hard workers shorten the exploration time of cloud migration, but it is a good way to take into account the overall project schedule? ! (saying it myself, haha ​​XDD

I hope that through this sharing, I can bring the whole idea of ​​packaging container applications to the audience, so that the millennium tradition (your legacy app) can have a new feeling and go to the cloud smoothly :)

Laravel/PHP in the talk can be replaced with other programming languages ​​or frameworks, and the overall idea is the same.

Further Reading:

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Slides (in Chinese & English)

AWS Builders Day Taiwan 2022【Running Laravel/PHP Container Application on AWS】Slides:

It is recommended to listen to the ideas and stories behind the briefing with the video, and then refer to the reference materials at the end of the briefing as extended reading or cross-reference, organize them into your notes or implement them in the project at hand.

Videos (in Chinese)

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