Chapter 5: LIKING

The Friendly Thief

The main work of a trial attorney is to make a jury like his client.


Tupperware Party (1/2)

  • reciprocity
  • commitment
  • social proof
  • liking

Tupperware Party (2/2)

  • In this way, the attraction, the warmth, the security, and the obligation of friendship are brought to bear on the sales setting.

Joe Girard

  • There is a man in Detroit, Joe Girard, who specialized in using the liking rule to sell Chevrolets.
    • he averaged more than five cars and trucks sold every day he worked; and he has been called the world’s “greatest car salesman” by the Guinness Book of World Records.
    • It consisted of offering people just two things: a fair price and someone they liked to buy from.

Physical Attractiveness

  • a study of the Canadian federal elections found that attractive candidates received more than two and a half times as many votes as unattractive candidates.
  • A similar effect has been found in hiring situations.
  • Good-looking people are likely to receive highly favorable treatment in the legal system.
  • Research on elementary-school children shows that adults view aggressive acts as less naughty when performed by an attractive child and that teachers presume good-looking children to be more intelligent than their less-attractive classmates.


  • We like people who are similar to us.
  • This fact seems to hold true whether the similarity is in the area of opinions, personality traits, background, or life-style.
  • Several studies have demonstrated that we are more likely to help those who dress like us.


  • Joe Girard (the greatest car salesman)
    • Each month he sent every one of his more than thirteen thousand former customers a holiday greeting card containing a personal message.
    • I like you.” It came in the mail every year, twelve times a year, like clockwork.

Contact and Cooperation

  • Jigsaw learning stimulated significantly more friendship and less prejudice between ethnic groups.

Conditioning and Association

  • Local TV weatherman
  • The principle of association is a general one, governing both negative and positive connections. An innocent association with either bad things or good things will influence how people feel about us.


  • Of course, in making a compliance decision, it is always a good idea to keep separate our feelings about the requester and the request.

Marketing Strategy (1/4)

Marketing Strategy (2/4)

Marketing Strategy (3/4)

  • We trust those who are like us
    • This strategy says: I am like you. I am casual and approachable. My products are for you.
    • e.g. Apple stores
    • Build the About Us page
    • Put a face on customer support

Marketing Strategy (4/4)

  • Compliments
    • Flattery will get you everywhere.
    • Encourage your audience
    • Show some love on social media
    • Case studies – the ultimate compliment

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