Chapter 6: AUTHORITY

Directed Deference

Follow an expert.


Milgram Experiment (1/4)

  • an hour-long session.
  • a study of how punishment affects learning and memory (a fake)

Milgram Experiment (2/4)

  • one Learner: have the task of learning pairs of words in a long list until each pair can be recalled perfectly
  • one Teacher: to test the Learner’s memory and to deliver increasingly strong electric shocks for every mistake

Milgram Experiment (3/4)

  • with each error Learner make, the shock increases by 15 volts.

Milgram Experiment (4/4)

  • The actual purpose of Milgram's study, then, had nothing to do with the effects of punishment on learning and memeory.
  • Rather, it involved an entirely different question: When it is their job, how much suffering will ordinary people be willing to inflict on an entirely innocent other person?


  • Con artists, for example, drape themselves with the titles, clothes, and trappings of authority.


  • This tells us something important about unthinking reactions to authority figures. When in a click, whirr mode, we are often as vulnerable to the symbols of authority as to the substance.


  • Titles are simultaneously the most difficult and the easiest symbols of authority to acquire. To earn one normally takes years of work and achievement.


  • A second kind of authority symbol that can trigger our mechanical compliance is clothing. Though more tangible than a title, the cloak of authority is every bit as fakable.


Aside from its function in uniforms, clothing can symbolize a more generalized type of authority when it serves an ornamental purpose. Finely styled and expensive clothes carry an aura of status and position, as do trappings such as jewelry and cars.

Marketing Strategy (1/6)

Marketing Strategy (2/6)

  • Authority Marketing Playbook
      • Best in Class
      • The Simplifier
      • The Innovator
    • The secret sauce that makes you an authority is personality—or under Cialdini’s principles of persuasion, likeability, and consistency.

Marketing Strategy (3/6): 18 Authority Plays

      1. Go to a big-name school
      1. Get an advanced degree
      1. Become certified
      1. Sell a company
      1. Hold a high-level position at a well-known company

Marketing Strategy (4/6): 18 Authority Plays

      1. Found or join a venture-backed start up
      1. Launch a successful public project
      1. Teach
      1. Existing content

Marketing Strategy (5/6): 18 Authority Plays

      1. Host a podcast
      1. Publish a newsletter
      1. Publish a blog
      1. Publish a book
      1. Create an online course

Marketing Strategy (6/6): 18 Authority Plays

      1. Write for a well-known publication
      1. Speak to groups
      1. Be featured
      1. Become active and/or well-known in your community

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